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At the age of  90 my mother had just left the house that she had lived in for 30 years and needed someone that could “make it all fine.” It became clearly obvious that Susan was that person. My mother, at the age of 90, had a very short list of people that she felt comfortable with and had a curious suspicion of every one. I was fascinated watching Susan take her as if it was her own mother and making her feel as if she was still “at home.” It was love at first sight which grew as the years did between these two.     

- Jerry Mason, New York, NY

Our Aunt Mary lived in New York we, her nephews, live in Florida. She had no children or strong local support. Our aunt was a very private person. We were concerned but didn’t know what was needed or how to implement. Susan was extremely helpful in providing assistance and answering our inquiries. She offered an informed, empathetic presence for our Aunt Mary. She earned her trust and helped us get her the help she needed.  We are grateful for her help on behalf of our aunt and our family at a difficult time.

- George Mulligan & Tom Mulligan, Florida​

​​As a retired social worker living at the Osborn Retirement complex, I have worked closely with Susan for over 2 years.  I found that she had many excellent skills, including great empathy for others, intelligence and creativity. and many more. I heartily recommend her to those who will use her services. 

- Marilyn Bookchin,  MSW, ACSW

We hired Susan as GCM when my mother had a stroke and could no longer function independently. Having "boots on the ground" was a must for us, as my sister and I both live on the other side of the country. Susan was an absolute godsend. She worked with At Home On The Sound (a local elder care volunteer group), the nursing home, hospital, physical therapist, pharmacy, home health care agency, medical equipment provider, and countless others. Despite rampant disorganization at many of these places, Susan managed to create order from the chaos and get things done. A shining example: my mother's fervent wish—despite numerous health challenges and rejections from home health care agencies—was to leave the nursing home and go back to living in her apartment. Susan overcame all obstacles and made it happen—succeeding where a previous GCM had failed (I wish I had hired her originally!). Susan has also been a great emotional support, helping us through difficult times. Sadly my mother recently passed away, but even now Susan continues to help us with issues related to settling the estate. We trust her completely, and call on her whenever we need help with anything. I don't know what we would have done without her.

- Andrew Golding, Sunnyvale California

I sometimes dreaded visiting my parents because my father couldn't hear or see well, and always wanted an investigation into a broker he once used, while my mother would complain about his mobility but deny he needed a walker! A casual conversation with you relieved me of my guilty feelings and concern. You helped me to understand what was really taking place when I wasn't there. Plus you promised to continue to give me a clear view of what was happening. And, you did. Thank you. 

- Bruce Lisman, Vermont​


My family was turned upside down when my father’s heart surgery went from routine to terrible in the blink of an eye.  My father walked into the hospital one morning on his own a strong confident take charge person and was wheeled out of there a shell of man he once was.  We were all devastated, he was the rock of our family the first phone call we would all make.  And now through many stressful and straining years later Susan has become that first phone call for me.  From what rehabilitation facility to go to, to navigating insurance to as time has progressed picking a quality nursing home where my father can progress through his life with dignity. Susan is truly one of a kind, a selfless human being who genuinely derives happiness from helping families work their way through the most difficult times.  

- Steve Grasso, Mount Kisco, NY      (CNBC & NYSE Executive Floor official)

Susan was an amazing and essential help to my family during
the last months of my mother’s life. She is extremely knowledgeable about types of elder care resources, specific local resources, and the processes that
people experience with aging and illness. Countless times, she anticipated my
family’s needs before we did, and proactively offered ways to meet them.
She is an excellent communicator, and even though my brother and I are out of the area, we always felt well informed. Also, at times of crisis, Susan was
empathic and always available to us. With her tremendous energy, she was able
to overcome even institutional inertia, and she did whatever was needed to get the job done. Even after my mother's passing, Susan is continuing to help my family to settle the estate. But perhaps what impresses me most about Susan is her capacity to make positive connections with everyone involved – my mother (who did not trust people easily), my brother and me, skilled nursing facility staff, home care agency management and aides, members of my mother’s aging in place organization, and so many more – and to anticipate and care for everyone’s emotional needs throughout the very difficult times my family went through. I don’t say things like this lightly, and my own experience has shown me that Susan’s talents and skills are extraordinary in her field. Her work made a genuinely positive difference in my mother’s – and my family’s – quality of life.

- M. Golding, California