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We help you answer questions like these...

  • Guidance: How to know what is the “right decision”? How do I tell a loved one they need assistance? What are the next steps? As siblings we can't agree on what's best, what should we do? How can I approach difficult conversations like safe-driving? 
  • Liaison: I do not live close by, so how will I know if my loved one is ok? What if everything is not as good as they say it is over the phone? I work full time or have a family of my own, how can I stay on top of their needs too? What happened at their doctors’ appointment? Is follow-up needed?  
  • Research: What are the services available to help? How are they accessed? Does insurance cover cost? 
  • Advocacy: What alternative options are available? What are the limitations? How do I know what we can put our foot down about? Where is my loved one’s voice in these decisions? 

Our involvement prevents needless stress and expense.

We customize our services to meet the needs of individual clients.

Consulting: Sometimes you need a professional with experience in the field to act as a sounding-board to determine if you're on the right track. Sometimes a family needs a neutral third party to help them work out the interpersonal challenges preventing them from moving forward on a decision. We offer our professional support through guidance, advocacy, serving as a liaison and research. See the questions we answer and slideshow below for more details. 

Home Assessment: Is staying home an option? How much care is needed? What interventions will bring positive change? What services are needed? How do we ensure a care plan is implemented, monitored and adjusted as needed? 

Alternative Housing Options & Placement: When a person's current home setting is no longer working what is the best alternative; Independent Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Memory Care?  Where are they located? Does insurance offer coverage? What is the cost? Will my loved one “fit in” there? How is the move facilitated?

Professional to Professional: Are you a professional with concerns and wondering if you should be referring your client? See the chart below to learn more.